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The website is owned by the company GIN SAS 'Parfums M.Micallef', and also all rights accruing to.
Any reproduction, entire or partial, is prohibited.
On the website appear all the information concerning the company, GIN SAS 'Parfums M.Micallef', hereinafter named 'company', and sales proposals, prices, practical methods of payment, of guarantee, and services that you acknowledge accepting these sales conditions.
These sales conditions are applicable in European Union and Switzerland. For all purchases out of the European Union, some of the rules are changed or added; they are written in Italics below.


These sales conditions govern all contractual accounts between the company GIN SAS 'Parfums M.Micallef', and the client, accepting them without any reservation when confirming order.
Any special provision, any stipulation, laid down by the client, departing from these conditions, is deemed to be unwritten, inapplicable, even if order is probated.
These conditions prevail over all others, appearing in any document, except special written exemption.
The Company is authorized to amend these conditions without prior notice, in any period; amendments will be immediately effective the moment they are put on the website, but never concern orders already confirmed.


Any order must necessary be handed over, respecting and according to the proper form stipulated on the website, and must include all requested information.
Before confirming the order, the client must absolutely read over again and eventually change or amend if needed, because, once the confirmation is done, the order is definitive, and no changes may be accepted.
Any order is only confirmed when a receipt is sent to the client, and only after irrevocable payment, exclusively by credit card, or debit card, and done in compliance with the company's rules and methods.


Accepted debit and credit cards are only those listed on the website, on the order form.
Selling prices of products online on the site Parfums M.Micallef, are in euros (€). Transactions are in euros (€). It is the client to do the conversion in the currency of his country, for his own information.
Payment is effective, if and only if it is whole and definitively approved, respecting methods of "CM_CIC p@iement". Should there be any failure in the payment method, order is automatically cancelled by the law itself. Any misuse of a card, not in compliance with rules and conditions stipulated by the financial organization, cancels automatically the order, by the law itself.
All amounts credited on the company's bank account, fitted with an order, may never be re-credited, for any reason, even if a bank, or any financial organization, requests it, for example, MasterCard, Visa, or American Express, their own general conditions being not opposable to the company's, about this matter, except prior special written exemption.


The client confirming an order confirms, in the same way, being legally entitled to the purchase.
The client commits to never sell the purchased product, except occasionally as a collector.
The client acknowledges, when handing over an order, and that the product will be delivered, in the limited "zone/contract-territory" described on the website. 


Regarding newsletters, we use Probance as a marketing platform. By submitting this form the site visitor acknowledge that the information he will provide will be transmitted to Probance in its capacity as data processor, and this in accordance with its general conditions of use.


The offer concerns only products appearing on the listed catalog edited on the website, and if they are available in the stock.
The Company offers products on the website exclusively to particulars and not to professional customers


The company guarantees only essential specifications of product described on the website's offer,to which the delivered product must correspond to; variations in details or differences of perception are out of guarantee.
Photos or drawings illustrating the products, are not contractual, and some errors or differences with the delivered products don't bind the company, of any responsibility.


Delivery time is mentioned on the order's receipt and starts effective the day after the order's validation. This is an average delivery time. Ordinary, the company commits to deliver, and to hand over to the transporter, within two working days after the order's validation.
This average delivery time is eight working days out of the European Union.
If client requests a partialdelivery of an order,it entails additional shipping costs at client's expense.However, if partial delivery is made by the company, all charges are at the company's expense.
The transporter is sole responsible of a possible delay; the delivery is provided to the buyer by us handing over the product to the transporter; then the transfer of risk with regard to the products will occur on this transport. By confirming the order, the client agrees to the choice of the transporters proposed by the company, and accepts the transporter's conditions, available on the transporter's site or on request.
If there is no contractual delay specially agreed between the client and the company, delivery must be done at least within 30 working days after the order's validation day. By default, sale is null and void, by the law itself, and the company must reimburse the amount to the client and respect the methods stipulated hereafter § 'Revocation and Retraction'
This 30 working days delivery time is increased to 45 working days out of the European Union.
SINCE APRIL 15, 2015: The shipping cost are FREE for all European customers. (except for Chronopost)

Unavailable product

If a product cannot be delivered notwithstanding order's ratification, the company advises the client in the shortest time and always before completion of the delivery's date stipulated between the client and the company. The client gets the choice to re-confirm the order, or cancel it, regarding the sole unavailable product, without special costs, and can be reimbursed for the amount paid for this unavailable product.

Revocation & Retractation

The client may retract within 14 days from the receipt of the goods until the 14th day after the delivery of the goods to the client or to a third party , who signs for them, except the transporter. The customer must return goods at least the fifteenth day following the delivery day, in the original packaging, and in a perfect state.
Out of the European Union, the retractation right is limited to 10 days, from the day after we've accepted the order, and the return of goods is only authorized if the product does not correspond to the order, or if the maximum delivery time is not respected.
The client has no retraction right if the order concerns goods specially made under the client's personal specifications, or personalized for the client. Are also prohibited the return of goods that have been opened or unsealed.
The right of return is limited to the product sold and package / complete set; it can not be exercised over a product offered as a gift taken separately.
The client must only use special retraction form, provided on the website, and fill it in clearly and entirely. The client must take care to get a written receipt from the company to prove retraction, because he has to show proof.
The company shall reimburse to the client the whole amount paid for the purchase if retraction is validated and done in compliance with these rules,within 14 working days after receipt of returned goods following retraction notice, respecting the same methods of payment as chosen for the initial payment, and only if this payment is prior recognized definitive, irrevocable.
All costs regarding the return of goods are charged only to the client
The client must return the goods as early as he notifies retraction. The client will organize the return of goods by the same means and transporter as for the delivery. All returned products must stay packed in original sealed boxes, in a perfect state, unused. Any return of goods after the contractual retraction delay expires, shall be refused. All risks regarding return of goods are assumed by the client.
A third party, legally beneficiary of an order, gets the same rights and obligations than the client, but any reimbursement shall only be done to the client.
A valid completion of the retraction rights cancels the contract.


Rated costs , included in prices or separately accounted and invoiced , in case of non-valid return of goods, or in case of partial deliveries, are listed on order's form.
The company doesn't invoice or claim additional costs because a client calls.
All exceptional costs or accessory costs cannot be invoiced or claimed to the client , except prior written agreement between both parties, at the latest when the order is confirmed.

Taxes and duties

V.A.T. is included in the price, and paid at French effective rate in France. Out of the European Union, the price is without V.A.T., and without all other taxes and duties; THE CUSTUMER MUST INQUIRE ABOUT, and take all measures to pay them in compliance with enforced laws and rules in his country of residence or any other country where the goods might be delivered. GIN SAS 'Parfums M.Micallef' will never be troubled or worried regarding that.


The transfer of title of ownership and of risk to the customer will occur as soon as the products have been given to the transporter, and only after whole definitive payment has been credited.
The Company must guarantee the client in case of hidden defects. The client accepts and recognizes that the company will guarantee the goods only if the client claims and justifies it in 30 days since the hidden defect is discovered or known, because of products consistency.
The Company must also guarantee the client in case of conspicuous defects, but only if the client specially advises the company by detailed written notice, in two working days after delivery to the client or a third party, and if the transporter's responsibility is not committed. Client must respect methods stipulated at § 'Revocation and Retraction'.
The Company cannot be committed to reimburse any other amounts than the sole amount paid by the client; no amount to compensate or to repair a possible or alleged damage. In case of claim, it's always and totally up to the client to show proof(s).
The Company shall not be liable to the client because of "force majeure". It means any events that parties could not be expected to foresee, or events entirely beyond their control , and preventing the obligations being performed , as export or import prohibition, fire, strike, or all other events usually defined as "force majeure" in France .
If a delivered product is not in accordance with the order, (delivery of a different product than the one ordered) the company is committed with the same obligations than in case of retraction by the client, who still gets choice to specially request, without other costs, the accorded completion of order .

Intellectual, Property rights

Brands, signs , company names, logos are defended and except prior special written authorization, all reproductions and use, are prohibited.
Words, texts, drawings, images, photos and all other website contents are defended and it is prohibited to copy them, reproduce them, pull them out, divulge them, modify them, change them.
The data banks set by the company GIN SAS 'Parfums M.Micallef' are defended by and in compliance with European Law. The client may limit insertion and extraction respecting options included on order's form.
The client is free to block possible appearance of cookies by own means, and independently of what the company may do.


French Law and French Language / Civil French applies.
If a provision would be considered null, invalid, or not effective, consequence of binding rules in compliance with public order of the country where customer is located, the contract and all other provisions of the contract are and stay valid, effective, applicables. 

Zone/contract territory: where the company GIN SAS 'Parfums M.Micallef' has its main office

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