Three delicate fragrances adorned by bottles with soft and rounded shape, reflecting for Martine Micallef serenity and plenitude of toddler’s word. These bottles with pure lines allow to appear exceptional fragrances by a game of transparency, full of elegance. These three bottles create a fine collection of true tender object.

Tendre Douceur

A fragrance with gourmet and cuddly notes of cherry and candy apple will appeal to toddlers. Its subtle perfume will leave a tender veil in the sweet world of children.

Petit Cœur

A fresh and pure fragrance associating lemon, mint and bergamot notes will wrap delicately the toddler’s skin. A delicate perfumed caress will Delight your baby’s senses.

Petite Fleur

A tender and silky fragrance. which will open baby’s senses by making them discover irresistible notes of orange blossom delicately musky. Petite Fleur will take toddlers to a fairytale like place of pleasure and well being.
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