Rich fragrances, refined and timeless scents… The Jewel Collection tells the story of treasured emotions and powerful memories. Contained in beautiful and precious jeweled bottles, the perfumes enhance freshness, sensuality and mystery, with a contemporary twist. Warm, passionate, intense, the Jewel collection is an enigmatic and luxurious support for refined personalities.




Like a liquid emotion, DesirToxic is an intriguing and extremely sensual fragrance. Elaborated around a spicy heart of BLACKCURRANT /CINNAMON / TONKA BEAN /CANNABIS pulsing through an amber base of BENZOIN / MOSS/ MUSK /PATCHOULI, DesirToxic sparkles thanks to its top notes: an audacious
bouquet of BERGAMOT / CARDAMOM /LEMON. This addictive perfume reveals a contrasting personality, an assertive chiaroscuro.
Daring the overdose of beautiful raw materials -including an intense Cannabis, rarely used in perfumery, DesirToxic expresses pure sensuality on both female and male skin.
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Jewel for him

The deluxe and masculine bottle of Jewel for Him is decorated with black Swarovski crystals. Jewel for Him is a perfume created for modern and demanding men. This fragrance combines the freshness of vetiver and the strength of patchouli and cedar. A very attractive and original alliance that is successfully balanced.
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Royal Muska

Sweetened by his fruity head note, imbued with sensuality of ylang-ylang indolent flowers and sophisticated opulence of roses, Royal Muska is exotic and infinitely feminine. The musky base note brings a velvety composition, giving it a small tropical connotation. The precious bottle is enriched with Swarovski crystals.
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Ylang in Gold

Bejeweled with Swarovski crystals delicately set by hand, this precious bottle which is part of the Jewels collection contains nectar of an absolute sensuality. Ylang in Gold is composed of a balanced floral bouquet warmed by sunny notes suggesting southern islands: ylang-ylang, sandalwood, coconut and vanilla. On the skin, Ylang in Gold leaves a light and delicate pearly golden dust.
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AKOWA is the name of an African tribe, keeping secrets and mysteries to themselves and for their heirs.
AKOWA is a fragrance based on a new secret ingredient that Geoffrey Nejman discovered, and created for discerning men who decide their fates with determination...
An original and appealing marriage which the Micallef team of perfumers, Geoffrey Nejman and Jean Claude Astier has added orange blossom, bergamot, cocoa and amber, vetiver and white musk.
A mysterious and secret fragrance.
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Pure Extreme

PURE EXTREME combines the finest and rarest natural essences; transparent jasmine, rose and white musk giving a floral-musk fragrance of refined elegance. It yields a delicate composition reflecting a world of tenderness and sensuality brought into focus by the exquisite shape of the perfume bottle.
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Osaïto as Akowa, retains a mystery due to its secret ingredients. On first encounter Osaïto reveals an opening of a vibrant citrus aura sweetened by that of samphire, followed by the aromatic notes of myrtle, highlighted by spicy scents of exotic woods. This intense trail of sandalwood and amber says: strength and spirituality.
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