Les exclusifs

The collection “Les Exclusifs” is an another sensory journey this time between East and West, inspired by the worldly travels of the creators Geoffrey Nejman and Martine Micallef . Les Exclusifs contain real perfume treasures, elevating perfectly the sublime elegance of flowery and spicy notes, mixed with the power of the majestic natural ingredient, Aoud. Through this collection, most precious and unexpected essences of the perfume world are celebrated to reveal an unpublished character in a unique bottle, designed and developed as the first work of Art of Martine Micallef.


Les Exclusifs

20 Years

After exploring romanticism, modernism, Martine Micallef is inspired by a new spirit with an inspiration from far off places... Always the same desire to go further and excel ... An invitation to travel through another era of time ...
« 20 Years », an exceptional fragrance with precious notes of white rose and transparent jasmine which reveal the subtle davana and orange blossom. This refined fragrance will leave on your skin sensual and warm notes of patchouli, caramel and precious woods.
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This perfume is a wonderful elixir that heightens both the scents of gourmet Bourbon vanilla and those refined of tuberose and jasmine. This delightful alliance reminds of tropical paradise.
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Royal Rose Aoud

Royal Rose Aoud shows a real mastery in rose and aoud combination. Forward-thinking, Parfums M. Micallef contributed to expand this trend. The fruity top note of blackcurrant of Royal Rose Aoud introduces his delicate heart made of rose, from a very special essential oil of Bulgarian rose, which is intermixed to full-bodied and sensual notes of aoud, all based on patchouli, musk and sandalwood. Royal Rose Aoud leaves in the air a wake of demanding women.
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Gaiac, warm and woody fragrance, rounded by the vanilla, spiced by vetiver and nutmeg. A natural note seducing women as well as men.
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Avant Garde

A perfume very modern by its olfactive construction. An explosion of marine notes enriched by bergamot and grapefruit. The heart opens on a delicious cocoa note revealing basic notes of Tonka and Russian leather. A fascinating balance of freshness and sensuality ! Buy Now

Royal Vintage

Royal Vintage, a tonic fragrance of an astonishing freshness. A sparkling bergamot departure and pink berries, followed by notes of cypress and leather prolonged by patchouly and musk. Royal Vintage, a modern and aromatic perfume.
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A perfume of an ancestral heritage adapted for the connoisseurs of modern times. A subtle marriage between the Oriental and Western world. A sensual and captivating fragrance, one of most charismatic of the brand. Its mystical character strongly contributed to the reputation and the signature of the house M. Micallef.
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Emir, the oriental perfume. Opulent by the presence of Aoud, spiced by pink pepper, rich in patchouli, cedar and musk. A very powerful and male fragrance exceptionally long lasting.
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