The secrets of love

The Secrets of Love is the new collection designed and created by Martine Micallef.
Through this collection Martine wants to use mysterious keys to unveil the Secrets of Love.
Fall in love with the Secrets of Love delicately contained in perfume bottles decorated with fine lines, assembled like little cages of love, luxuriously finished, containing fragrances of exquisite and seducing notes.
Close your eyes and be carried away with the keys to open the scented route to Love and Passion...


The secrets of love


Gourmet & sensual
The warmth of unfurling incense woven with the brightness of chestnut, mingling with the intense leather and lushvanilla notes.
Noble, intoxication, an irresistible love declaration.
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Love & boldness
This comprises the surprising duality of fruity and spicy notes, woody and floral, deep and powdered.
The intensity of jasmine and rose wrapped in creamy sandalwood and sensual cashmere.
Irresistible and captivating!
Eau de parfum 75ml
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Alluring & mesmerizing
Precious Oud! The mysterious nature of this precious wood, enriched with orange and cinnamon, is illuminated by the pure sensuality of cashmere, sandalwood and musk.
Eau de parfum 75ml
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Mystery & sensuality
Nutmeg flavored with pink berries and the warmth of cinnamon, evocative of the bewitching mystery of Oud Wood.
Giving a striking statement !
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Elegant & timeless
The opulence of sandalwood! An exotic union with captivating fruity notes and the legendary sensual ingredient, with the velvety finish, of jasmine.
Eau de parfum 75ml
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Airy and bright, Spiritual is served by a precise writing revealing a juice oscillating between heat, power and transparency. Draped with a sparkling floral freshness, the perfume blossoms into an intimate, slightly vanilla softness that reveals a timeless and soothing fragrance.
A partition of great purity in the image of the silver pearly color dressing the bottle, a proper love cage.
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