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Lighting a candle, an elegant winter ritual

Lighting a candle, an elegant winter ritual

How to warm up your interior decoration while immersing yourself in a comforting and refined atmosphere for a few moments? All you need to do is light a pretty, delicately scented candle. An essential to offer and to afford.

Although they all seem alike at first glance, scented candles are far from the same. For your well-being, always favor candles made from natural herbal wax On the perfume side, the noblest candles use perfumes from Grasse developed by real “noses”. In order to obtain a constant diffusion of the fragrance throughout the duration of the flame, the fragrance must be well mixed with the wax. Inexpensive scented candles do not smell anything very quickly because, deposited only on the surface, the perfume disappears from the first minutes of combustion.

M.Micallef candles, an invitation to dream

Herbal wax are for M.Micallef the best support for the manufacture of our scented candles. Natural and more ecological, these waxes come from soybeans, rapeseed, rice or jojoba. Free from toxic compounds, they guarantee you optimal quality and, obviously for M.Micallef, excellent olfactory performance. They masterfully reveal the exclusive fragrances with which they are mixed. Neither too thin nor too thick, our cotton wicks guarantee optimal burning. For even more elegance, the M.Micallef candles are topped with a pretty golden lid and presented with beautiful illustrated packaging.

Martine Micallef's advice? When using for the first time, light your candle for at least 1 hour in order to appreciate all its olfactory facets and ensure its longevity. Then, remember to cut the wick regularly before lighting your candle again.

Spotlight on two winter candles

Douce Parenthèse
Providing your interiors with noble and bewitching green notes, Douce Parenthèse transports us to the heart of a spruce forest. Both woody and resinous, it evokes a majestic winter. 180 grams. About 55 hours of combustion.

Instant Précieux
With its irresistible scents of orange and cinnamon, Instant Précieux will bring you back into the mood for the holiday season. With its digest of gourmet, sweet and spicy notes, it creates a cozy atmosphere at any time of the day or evening. 180 grams. About 55 hours of combustion.

Lighting a candle, an elegant winter ritual


on avril 8, 2022

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