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Choosing the right perfume for spring

Choosing the right perfume for spring

Favorite season of all nature lovers, spring marks the rise in temperatures, the lengthening of the days, the budding and flowering of plants. This season marks the annual renewal, and likewise, we want to feel in harmony with our natural environment.

Many of us choose this period to treat ourselves to a new fragrance, often softer, fresher, more sparkling, and even happier than the one or those who accompanied us all winter.

Our selection for a long spring vibe

  • Ananda: a tribute to white flowers
    Built around a cascade of white flowers, this feminine scent takes you on an olfactory journey to the heart of a luminous, fragrant landscape. Inviting sweetness and serenity, it offers a radiant signature where pear and plum boldly mingle with flowers and white musk, all sprinkled with a pinch of mimosa. Irresistible !
  • Note Vanillée : a sparkling sweetness
    offering an unprecedented duality between the delicacy of vanilla, the sweetness of mandarin and the freshness of citrus fruits, Note Vanillée deployes in its heart a majestic jasmine from Grasse. Characterized by joyful and sensual facets, it displays a dazzling elegance, perfect for spring.
  • Embodying the light wind that caresses us with its citrus, green and woody notes combined with a touch of citrus, EdenFalls offers an intense harmony of contrasts. Fresh and sensual, this aromatic elixir is a true love letter addressed to nature. An intense feeling of well-being!
Choosing the right perfume for spring


on avril 8, 2022

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