Lancement officiel de notre collection bébé

Designer Martine Micallef was committed to celebrating the birth of her grandchildren, deciding to create the new Parfums M. Micallef collection, a collection of baby perfume specifically dedicated to toddlers.

Named Baby’s Collection, this new and lovely range is now available in all Boutique M Micallef locations.

Martine Micallef imagines delicate and subtle scents, perfect for the sensitive nose of little ones.
The Baby’s Collection offers three alcohol-free, water-based scents:
Tendre Douceur, Petit Coeur, Petite Fleur.

Martine was inspired by the whimsical imagination of children when designing the Baby’s Collection’s bottles, creating soft and rounded shapes.
Each package contains all three scents and will be accompanied by Harry, a plush rabbit friend.Find the Baby’s Collection in an M Micallef Boutique