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New | DesirToxic

19.08.2019 « What is said at night never sees daylight" Friedrich Nietzsche
Like a Grand Cru, Désir Toxic promises intensity and sensuality thanks to a complex and audacious assemblage.
The score of Désir Toxic magnifies unexpected, raw and rigorously selected materials coming from the best soils.

The fragrance: Ode to the illicit
Ingredients clash until reaching an unprecedentedly addictive harmony.
Like a liquid emotion, DesirToxic is an intriguing and extremely sensual fragrance. Elaborated around a spicy heart of BLACKCURRANT / CINNAMON / TONKA BEAN / CANNABIS pulsing through an amber base of BENZOIN / MOSS/ MUSK / PATCHOULI, DesirToxic sparkles thanks to its top notes: an audacious bouquet of BERGAMOT / CARDAMOM /LEMON. This addictive perfume reveals a contrasting personality, an assertive chiaroscuro. Daring the overdose of beautiful raw materials -including an intense Cannabis, rarely used in perfumery - DesirToxic expresses pure sensuality on both female and male skin.


Capsule collection by Marianne Venderbosch & Martine Micallef
A pioneering and unique artistic approach in perfumery
A multi-sensoriel range
A limited edition for an artistic surging
Following the worldwide success of the 2018 capsule collection launched with Russian pop art painter Alex Doll, Maison Micallef unveiled a new limited edition collection, thanks to a collaboration with Dutch visual artist Marianne Venderbosch. Hand painted by Marianne Venderbosch and Martine Micallef, these precious bottles are all unique pieces. The decorations on the boxes and both 100 ml & 10 ml bottles are executed with liquid Gold  in association with bright pink, yellow and green colors. The result ? Solar creations, suffused with poetry. This intensely feminine universe is home to the Pure Extrême fragrance, a fresh and luminous eau de parfum elaborated around the crystalline rose- jasmine / pink / white musk accord. A fragrance of great purity.
A matter of encounter
Martine and Marianne met in April 2018 at the "World Art Dubai". "Martine Micallef came to me and shared her appreciation for my work, especially for one of my pieces," confides Marianne. "She then told me her wish to collaborate with me. I was so happy ... "The project quickly became a reality when Marianne came to Grasse, in July 2018, in order to discover behind the scenes at Maison Micallef and to start the art work on a bottle. In unison, the works of Marianne Venderbosch and the world of Maison Micallef vibrate in a strong and unprecedented harmony.

Abstract combinations of elegant lines with a powerful yet delicate edge, the paintings on the 100 ml bottles evoke the clear fragrance of Pure Extrême.
The design chosen by Martine Micallef for the 10 ml bottles is inspired by Marianne Venderbosch’s "Spring" – an abstract, bright and colorful creation. "I created a series of 4 bottles that, once assembled, recompose the original work. The result ? Bottles leading- as often with Maison Micallef craft – to the level of genuine art pieces. These pure objects of desire unite art, creation, audacity and traditional know-how.

NEW: The Family Box !

08.04.2019 An irresistible family box
A new chapter opens in the history of Maison Micallef : introducing, for Easter holidays, the new family box concept. This delicate box dedicated to young mothers and their children is filled with tenderness. The box comprises Petit Cœur, our irresistibly fresh water presented in its lovely egg-shaped bottle, along with a 10 ml bottle of Petite Fleur - both alcohol free - in a gold pouch for moms, an adorable fluffy bunny, an elegant music box to rock baby to sleep and three 1 ml flasks filled with fragrances from the Baby's Collection.
For this celebration synonymous with precious family moments while spring comes knocking, Maison Micallef takes creativity to new heights with this box in limited edition. Pure magic.

NEW: Collection Botanique

08.04.2019 Wandering through the Extraordinary Garden
"Paradise bathed in languid sun, land of plural beauty, Grasse awakens our senses. Through the city’s alleys wanders the air of the fields, carrying the olfactory symphony played by the omnipresent jasmine, rose, iris, tuberose, violets, orange blossoms and citrus. Such is the score transcribed by the BOTANIQUE collection, the mirror of a generous light, of a nature in majesty. » Martine Micallef
The genesis of a collection celebrating an exceptional terroir
Pure, tender, enveloping ... The five flowers composing the Bouquet de Grasse collection express blooming joy. Soft and airy, Fleur de Lune, Fleur Aurore, Fleur Poème, Fleur Rêverie and Fleur Lumière follow the wake of a sweet femininity, both modern and eternal. In this bouquet collection, each partition gently evokes the richness of Grasse's flora. Maison Micallef established its cradle in Grasse 23 years ago, where the brand cultivates its own garden full of exceptional perfume flowers.
The fragrances: as many declarations of love to Grasse
Genuine olfactory postcards, the five flowery juices unleash a fresh and gourmet whirlwind. Juicy fruits and fragrant flowers celebrate a wonderful summer in Grasse. Each water releases a colorful splash of delectable chords.
Designed as a short circuit between flower and skin, these blends are dedicated to contemporary women in search of an authentic contact with matter.
Fleur Rêverie
Tender and fresh, boosted by a tonic trio of Citron / Bergamot / Orange in top notes, this composition shelters a vibrant heart of Petitgrain / Magnolia / Cardamom on a background of lemon leaves / Whitewoods. A proper cure of well-being!
Fleur Lumière
The sweet accord of Green tea / Apricot pulp is enhanced by rose and vanilla. A luminous and gourmet fragrance for passionate and solar women.
Fleur de Lune
A bouquet of white flowers enhanced by a tangerine zest, a few drops of bergamot and a languorous plum sauce on a white musk background. A captivating and relaxing fragrance, the rare gift of charm.
Fleur Aurore
Intensely floral, Fleur Aurore gives way to Her Majesty Tuberose followed by a royal court of Ylang-ylang, patchouli, gardenia, tuberose, bergamot, blackcurrant, lacy sandal ... An opulent fragrance revealing a resolutely retro aura.
Bottle and case
Boasting a sleek silhouette, the transparent bottle reveals its inner treasure. This resolutely contemporary case displays clear lines enhanced by a wax flower whose color varies depending on the fragrance.
Like a pack of kraft paper, the case - adorned with buffered flowers, closed by a string and stamped with the postal code of the World Capital of Perfumes - evokes a mysterious package. An invitation to the heart of Provence.

Christmas box, a delight for the senses!

30.10.2018 Ultra refined with its generous golden satin ribbon, Maison Micallef's Christmas box is home to six precious and delicate surprises, including a masterpiece: an exclusive  collector's edition of Ylang in Gold Eau de Parfum! This unique 30ml bottle - with an original decor handmade in the workshop in Grasse - was specially designed for this box. Only 200 pieces are available, at a price of €79. An amazement for your senses and a fulfillment for rare bottles collectors!

Perfume Advent Calendar

30.10.2018 Precious and bold, the Advent calendar by Maison Micallef
Composed of 11 shutters each concealing one or more precious gifts, the Advent Calendar by Maison Micallef returns in an elegant and audacious version which makes waiting until D day a delight. Carefully selected from the world of perfume and beauty, each surprise leads to the famous 24th window, which houses a 30 ml bottle of one of the feminine flagship fragrances of Maison Micallef. Exclusive, not to be found elsewhere, each of these products is a genuine treasure to be discovered in his calendar adorned with elegant golden highlights.
Delivery from November 19th.

Spiritual, the final bouquet of a resolutely exclusive olfactive saga

03.09.2018 The 6th secret of the SECRETS OF LOVE collection appeals to our 6th sense. When the evidence of love knocks on the door of the soul. Deafening, thundering, like the roar of a thunderclap, sheltered in a bottle of art as a pure object of desire, the fragrance opens with a trail of rose berries and bergamot to turn heads and impress.
Then, a veil of lightness carried by the clarity of jasmine and the roundness of cedar comforts the senses and exacerbates our sensuality before reaching its paroxysm, marrying the power of the «ambergris, vanilla,
benzoin» triptych. The enigmatic olfactory partition intrigues. Both feminine and masculine, Spiritual summons the purest of ingredients assembled with talent to tell a tale about renewal, love fusion and spiritual passion.
This communion between two beings is expressed by a perfect balance, by the evidence of a common destiny, a celestial reunion, so to speak of telepathy.
Spiritual dresses with the dreams of the one wearing it. Exceeding the divisions of genres, the fragrance sets us free from all codes. Once vaporized, the fragrance comes out of its cage and flies to the 7th
heaven : the fantasy territory of the intoxication of our senses.

Alex Doll - Martine Micallef capsule collection

20.06.2018 When two flower-loving artists meet, this gives birth to a collection of ephemeral flasks adorned with colorful flowers....! Available at the low price of €29, the 10ml bottles, decorated with pop flowers and finished by hand, house two of Micallef's flagship fragrances. Ananda for her, and Royal Vintage for him.

04.06.2018 The essential travel accessories come together in these pretty kits available in two versions: for her and for him.
For men, Maison Micallef has designed an inviting mocha color kit hosting, in addition to toiletries, the 30ml version of the iconic Royal Vintage Eau de Parfum for men.

Perfume Travel Kit Woman 30 ml

04.06.2018 The essential travel accessories come together in these pretty kits available in two versions: for her and for him. For women, Maison Micallef has designed an gilded and adorned with a satin lined leopard lining kit, which contains four delicately scented 47 ml bottles - shower gel, body milk, shampoo and conditioner - complemented by a 30 ml collector bottle of the 20 Years fragrance

Ylang In Gold 100ML & 10ML set

10.04.2018 Extremely sensual, Ylang in Gold is a sunny flowering nectar evoking tropical paradises. Sublimating the skin with a pearly gold veil, this rare fragrance becomes irresistible when the skin is exposed to the sun. A new box hosts the precious bottle of 100 ml along with a nomadic spray of 10 ml, essential for light retouches throughout the day .... Or night!


10.04.2018 Osaïto comes in its new box containing a jewel bottle of 100 ml and the essential nomadic spray of 10 ml – a strong asset for the contemporary gentlemen and his multiple facets.

Mon Parfum Pearl - The new feminine fragrance

10.04.2018 Maison Micallef presents Mon Parfum Pearl her latest creation.
A delicate eau de parfum celebrating harmony and serenity.
Dedicated to a radiant, sensual and spiritual woman, in love with beautiful materials, white flowers and roses....

Fourth opus of the Mon Parfum saga that began in 2009, Mon Parfum Pearl is a delicate flowery fragrance, dressed with powdery notes endowing roundness and elegance.Light fruity touches reveal its sparkling and mischievous facets.Designed to appeal
to women of all aes, Mon Parfum Pearl is a continuation of the great classics of French feminine perfumery. Developed on the basis of  a clearly defined structure of noble ingredients, the fragrance first reveals a fruity touch, then the intensity of a flowery bouquet mixing Centifolia Rose, Peonies and Heliotropes to finish on a hot powdery, musky background, consisting of rice powder, white musk and vanilla pods.

NEW, Luxury Set With Love Pure Extrême

16.01.2018 As Valentine's Day approaches, Maison Micallef is pleased to celebrate love with an entirely new fragrance, all in the name of romance
Intensely feminine, Pure Extreme elegantly marries the perfect duo of amber and white musk to the delicacy of the most noble flowers: rose, gardenia and transparent jasmine. Complemented with its refined flacon, Pure Extreme illuminates the precious Jewel collection. A vibrant floral melody presented for Valentine's Day 2018 with its refillable 10 ml bag spray, in a collector's box stamped With Love.

Pre launch of our new fragrance for Her: Ananda Tchaï

14.09.2017 A treasure from Asia. New fragrance from the collection Ananda. As the fourth addition to the Ananda collection by Micallef, Ananda Tchaï completes this olfactive, precious yet delicate line unveiling so many aspects of femininity. Ananda Tchaï invites to a sensual and romantic journey at the heart of a fantasized Asian garden. This enchanting «hot-cold» perfume blooms within the emblematic Ananda flask. Adorned with amber and bronze tones, the precious jewel case is enhanced with iridescent Swarovski crystals and a gold-colored hood.
The fragrance: a bewitching « floriental hot cold». As a beneficent haze, the hesperidated top note bears a prompt sensation of freshness sublimated by its precious and spicy bouquet (green tea, heliotrope, nutmeg, thyme, fern, ylang-ylang and rose). With no haste, the background notes unfold: for several hours, a woody trail - vanilla, amber - signs the ultimate expression of this cheerfully addictive

Opening of the first store workshop in Grasse

18.07.2017 Established at the foot of a typical building, open on the square of the historic center of Grasse, the new M.Micallef store-workshop invites lovers of refined fragrances and precious bottles alike to discover the dreamlike world of the brand and enjoy a unique experience. Each fragrance by M.Micallef bears the fruit of an ancestral alchemy, summoning opulent raw materials, among the most noble used in the millenary art of perfumery. This genuine boudoir of 60 m2 spreads over three rooms. Sprinkled with precious touches, its elegant decor - conceived by Martine Micallef herself - hosts the sales area where the key collections are on display, as well as a creative workshop where each client can attend the personalization – which is offered – of his bottle, in the form of engravings of his choice or through the laying of Swarovski crystals. Adorning the wall, a screen is continuously streaming videos revealing the arcana of the artisanal workshop where the precious bottles are manufactured. Out of sight, the third room is dedicated to private events: olfactory workshops and group events: discovering the enchanting world of perfumery for children from the age of 6, baby showers, bachelor parties ... Founder of the brand, Martine Micallef is proud to treat each of her customers to a privileged experience at the heart of this precious showcase, through a unique moment of discovery and sharing. This boutique is the first M.Micallef opened in the world capital of perfume, which is none other than Grasse, where the brand was born. Love, passion and refinement constitute the foundations of her House dedicated to the art of perfum, which arouses a planetary enthusiasm. Being an artist, a business leader and a perpetual traveler, Martine Micallef has proven very attached to her roots on the Riviera. Her desire was to welcome visitors of Grasse and local residents alike to a confidential place where the excellence and know-how of her brand, developed over two decades, could be expressed. Designed as an art gallery, the new M.Micallef showcase shall be renewed with the passing of seasons as well as the unveiling of new collections. On the occasion of the opening, The Secrets of Love is being highlighted. This luxurious and ardent line is composed of oriental fragrances boasting a spicy heart: Glamour, Sensuel, Délice, Gourmet and Passion are housed in delicate openwork bottles..


27.04.2017 Rare, precious, mysterious and spellbinding.
For the fifth part of the collection, Martine Micallef is inspired by the sumptuous Jacaranda: an astonishing tree with sublime mauve flowers.
The voluptuousness of petals of roses mixed with a bouquet of the most precious spices of India, reveal a perfume full of sensuality and devastating pleasures. A cocktail with irresistible elegance. Its enveloping, hypnotic and seductive power is breathtaking.
Jacaranda, a jewelled bottle adorned with 200 Swarovski crystals delicately placed by hand, in our workshops in Grasse, wrapped in a sumptuous case of beige lacquered wood.
An ultimate collector's item.


27.04.2017 In this collection the house Micallef honors an iconic ingredient of perfumery, vanilla. This limited and exclusive collection of six fragrances sublime precious and noble vanilla of Madagascar with rare and majestic essences that will take you directly to the sun. An invitation to travel.


27.04.2017 Secrets of Love is the new collection designed and created by Martine Micallef.
Through this collection Martine wants to use mysterious keys to unveil the Secrets of Love. Fall in love with the Secrets of Love delicately contained in perfume bottles decorated with fine lines, assembled like little cages of love, luxuriously finished, containing fragrances of exquisite and seducing notes.

Close your eyes and be carried away with the keys to open the scented route to Love and Passion...

Parfums MMicallef by Yes I Cannes

15.12.2016 Thanks to Yes I Cannes for this nice article

Click and read


Ca fleure bon, USA

06.12.2016 Many thanks for this beautiful press article about Secret of Love that you can find on our eshop

ÇaFleureBon is a niche and natural perfume blog fragrance/beauty site. features daily articles and perfume reviews, as well as extensive coverage of global events, perfume news, in-depth features on fragrance ingredients, profiles of American Artisan perfumers, and exclusive interviews with Master Perfumers, up and coming Scent Stars and Creative Directors.

thanks to Gail & Michelyn


When Haleigh meets Micallef

06.12.2016 Read about Parfums M.Micallef on Haleigh's blog

Haleigh is an American writer, photgrapher, and movie maker, she is passionate by Beauty and French Talent

she visited our atelier last October,

Made In Grasse 06130

22.11.2016 for an exclusive edition which will transport you in the French Provence...

Head notes: Plum, mimosas, lemon
Heart Notes: Violet, rose
Base notes: White flowers, white musk

Parfums M.Micallef Advent Calendar

25.10.2016 An original idea for a gift before the Christmas Celebrations.
Martine Micallef reinvents the Advent Calendar; discover day after day, in this beautiful box, 23 samples 5ml regrouping the successes of the M.Micallef's house.
Behind the 24th door,  hides an elegant Ananda 30ml that will complement your evening attire.

Secrets of Love

12.09.2016 On the occasion of our new website, we are proud ton present you our new mesmerizing collection. Let yourself be carried away with
this perfumed sensual guide to Passion and Love ...

20 years, new perfume for Her

12.09.2016 After exploring romanticism, modernism, Martine Micallef is inspired by a new spirit with an inspiration from far off places... Always the same desire to go further and excel ... An invitation to travel through another era of time ... Coming soon....

Osaïto, new Perfume for Men

02.09.2016 With her last creation Martine Micallef imagined the path of man in search of his deepest self. In a very minimalist collection rooted in the era of time, man evolving from the African continent, the cradle of humanity, was embodied in the secret and mysterious fragrance Akowa.
OSAÏTO: It is now the turn of the Asian continent to be guided by the need to live powerfully revealing personal experiences: the way of life is opening and following the path of oriental wisdom to discover the true inner self.  Through this spiritual journey Osaïto appears. A powerful and luminous fragrance, long associated with Japanese nobility.  Osaïto as with Akowa retains a mystery due to its secret ingredients. On first encounter Osaïto reveals an opening of a vibrant citrus aura sweetened by that of samphire, followed by the aromatic notes of myrtle, highlighted by spicy scents of exotic woods. This intense trail of sandalwood and amber says: strength and spirituality.

Pure Extrême, New fragrance for Her

02.09.2016 INSPIRATION An encounter between Martine Micallef and the world renowned glass artist Marya Kazoun at the Venice Glasstress exhibition has led to the creation of Pure Extreme. Marya is a renowned contemporary artist, creating exceptional glass artworks, which illuminate imagination and feminine inspiration, so greatly enhanced when combined with the voluptuous and intensely captivating essence of Pure Extreme. Each bottle is in itself is an authentic work of art, reflecting Marya's inspiration of a glacial world of intense beauty, frozen in form forever.
PURE EXTREME, as with all Micallef perfumes combines the finest and rarest natural essences; transparent jasmine, rose and white musk giving a floral-musk fragrance of refined elegance. It yields a delicate composition reflecting a world of tenderness and sensuality brought into focus by the exquisite shape of the perfume bottle. 

Collection les Exclusifs

12.08.2016 The collection Les Exclusifs is an olfactive journey between the East and the West, that inspired the creators, Geoffrey Nejman and Martine Micallef, through their numerous travels around the world . The Fragrances contain real perfumed treasures, sublimating perfectly the elegance of flowery and spicy notes mixed with the power of a majestic natural ingredient, the Aoud. Through this collection, most precious and most unexpected essences of the perfume world are glorified and reveal an unpublished character in a unique bottle designed and developed as the first work of Art of Martine Micallef.