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How about a change of fragrance in the spring?

How about a change of fragrance in the spring?

How about a change of fragrance in the spring?

As soon as the beautiful days arrive, we want to leave everything. Go to the seaside, go to the green fields, spend your days picking flowers and breathe in the fresh air!

What if we just start by changing our perfume? The marvelous sense of olfaction allows us to conjure up images, memories, landscapes and even sounds like birdsongs or the sound of the waves. A true escape!

Bringing you closer to your own emotions, fragrances allow you to live an intimate experience that awakens your senses with each change. To experience this intense joy, we recommend that you choose a new fragrance to wear every day with the major changes of the seasons. As soon as the days lengthen, nature is in full bloom and the sun's rays illuminate us, our skin calls out for more flowery, greener, fruitier notes... Symbolizing renewal after winter, charming and delicate flowers woven with citrus fruits offer you the elegance of their airy scents... Succumb!

Discover two ultra-sensual and enveloping fragrances that celebrate spring. These daring interpretations of the beautiful days evolve between sensuality, gourmandism and cheerfulness.


Pure Extrême – Jewel Collection

Characterized by its astonishing contemporary elegance, swing between light and mystery, this floral and woody eau de parfum is articulated around a bouquet composed of rose, gardenia, jasmine and graceful white flowers on a magnetic amber and musky base... French chic revisited under the sun of Grasse.

Soleil Passion – Stories Of Love Collection

A desire for nature? A Passion for the Sun! Soleil Passion an exquisite eau de parfum unfolds its fruity and floral notes like an invigorating splash, immediately addictive. Taking you to the heart of a Mediterranean garden where everything is abundant and lush, this source of pure energy is a divine solar water that will light up your day for hours. Pomegranate and wild strawberries infused with mandarin conquer a heart of rose and lily of the valley reinforced by an amber and musky base. An awakening of the senses!

Glamour – Secrets Of Love Collection

Enhanced with just the right balance of fruity and spicy notes, this lightly powdered floral gourmand eau de parfum is inspired by a lush and generous oriental garden. Peach, saffron, rose, and jasmine create an ultra-feminine score resting on a lightly vanilla sandalwood base. A fragrance you won't forget!


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